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Companies often use testimonials to promote their products. Suppose that you encountered the following testimonials for a new weight-loss pill.

From a movie star, "I lost 20 pounds without dieting using these pills".

From a research scientist at Your State University: "Our research shows that subjects taking these pills lose an average of 12 pounds in 4 weeks".

From a professional baseball player, "I've tried all of the diet pills, and these are the only ones that have worked for me."

From a scientist at the pharmaceutical company that makes the pills, "This is the most advance weight loss formula on the market".

  • Which of these testimonials is most convincing?
  • How do testimonials differ from the experimental
    designs discussed in this lesson?
  • Can you translate these testimonials
    into a testable hypothesis?
  • What experimental design would effectively test
    the hypothesis you describe?

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