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2004 KAP Biology Workshop

Goal: Develop background sheets that will faciliate use of primary literature in KAP courses. These pages can be used in conjunction with our existing online tutorial. Click here to view the tutorial.

Step 1: Find an appropriate research article.

I recommend that you start by searching at Highwire Library of the Sciences and Medicine. If you enter a keyword on the front page, you will see a list of articles. Some articles will be tagged "free". These are articles that you can access at no charge. Depending on the number and quality of articles that you find, you may need to refine your search. Choose "ADV SEARCH" on the menu bar to access a more detailed search menu. Click "High-wire hosted journals" - this will limit your serach to jounrals that have some free online content. When you find an article, access and print it out as a "PDF" file.

Search tips:

A list of sample articles is here.

Step 2: Develop a template for the background sheets.



Step 3: Develop the background sheets.