Kenyon College HHMI Project Archive

Math-Science Skills Center

Peer tutors supervised by faculty
help develop quantitative skills.

Pre-first-year Data Analysis course

2007 Evaluation Report on MSSC

Equipment for Teaching
and Undergraduate Research

Students analyze real-time PCR
data on toxin-induced genes

Laptop PCs in class

Real-Time PCR

Middle School Teachers
2006, 2005, 2002
Laptop PC training: 2007

Undergraduate Research at Kenyon

NMR: An Introduction
Bruker 300 MHz NMR

Bioorganic chemist Mo Hunsen
helps a student use the
Bruker 300MHz NMR.
Collaborative Microarray
Research, Kenyon/UW-Madison
Geetha Kannan and Jessie Wilks, undergraduate researchersGeetha Kannan '07 and Jessie Wilks, '09,
Biology Department
Projects: 2007, 2006; 2005; 2004

Faculty Projects with Students

Biology Lab Tutorials
By Pat Heithaus

Cat Anatomy Tutorial
Linked by 100+ Web sites
Rat Anatomy Tutorial- 

Guide to Introductory Biology
Success in Introductory Biology:
A Student's Guide

Mount Vernon Middle School Teachers Science Workshop
Faculty at any university may assign students to author pages on microbial diversity, assisted by Kenyon site manager

Summer Research Posters and Alumni Survey