Eukaryotic Chromosomes

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               A chromosome is the entire strand of a chromatid
           DNA is packed and coiled into chromosomes               

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A chromosome's  centromere is the center
of the chromosome where duplicated chromatids are attached.


A nucleosome is the structural unit of a eukaryotic chromosome.  It is composed of histones and DNA. 
are proteins that form the core of the nucleosome.

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A chromatid is the individual half of a "duplicated" chromosome.

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           Chromatin is a coiled, looped chain of nucleosomes. 
  It is the complex of DNA and proteins in a chromosome.


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Centrioles are microtubule structures that serve as attachment points in mitosis.  Two centrioles make up a centrosome.             


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             A centrosome is composed of two centrioles.
Centrosomes are used in mitosis to help organize chromosomal movement.