HHMI Summer Math/Science Workshop
for first-generation college students at Kenyon, before their first year
1998 - 2004
Supported by HHMI and Kenyon College

Student Program

          A pre-first-year bridging program was funded by Kenyon's grant from HHMI. Thirteen members of the class of 2002, shown below with Kenyon Admissions officers Dolph Clinton and Robert King, spent two weeks at Kenyon in the summer prior to their matriculation at the College. The group, shown below, was selected from the public schools of Columbus and Cleveland, based on first-generation college status. Students included both self-described science majors and non-science majors.  Our aim is to introduce basic math and science skills, whether or not the students plan to major in science.

           The program was conceived as a way to boost the skills and confidence of the students by engaging them in college-level work in a small group setting, without the pressure of grades, extracurriculars, and a full academic schedule to contend with. They were also given an introduction to the community of the college and the surrounding area by Clinton and King.

1998 Workshop Participants.
Front row: Amanda Jemmott, Shana West, and Eduardo Rivera.
Middle row: Dolph Clinton (Admissions), student name witheld, Elkinsette Clinton, Seena Mathew,
Brandon Lute, Rhoda Raji, Densil Porteous, and Robert King (Admissions). 
Back row: Adam Sapp, Richard Dickinson, James Greenwood, and Ivan Isreal.

The rigorous academic program, as well as the chance to meet other incoming students from similar backgrounds, helped prepare these students--including non-science majors, as well as majors in science--to meet the academic and social challenges of Kenyon College. The students remained in close contact with one another, and maintained relationships with the instructors, throughout their freshman year.   A number have expressed their feeling that the workshop offered them a unique and valuable opportunity to acclimate themselves to Kenyon and prepare for their first year here.

Student Program

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