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Upon returning to campus, several students put together an organization, OHIO ACTION, to help raise awareness and coodinate action. Our goal was to recruit and support students from Ohio colleges and universities to work through summer 2006.

Episcopal Diocese of New Orleans:

Our two Kenyon groups worked through the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana in New Orleans. They make contact with families in need, assess their housing, and arrange for volunteer work crews to gut through the area. If you are interested in volunteering, they will not only identify families in need but will also help coordinate housing, when available, as well as food. For more information please search their webpage, EDOLA - Office of Disaster Response. If you are able and would like to donate, contact Eric Murrell about monetary or material goods.

Common Ground Collective:

Common Ground Collective aims to provide short-term relief for victims of hurricane disaster in the gulf coast and to offer long-term support in the New Orleans area. Please search their the Common Ground Collective webpage if you're interested in volunteering short- or long-term or for donations.


Students of the Black Student Union of Kenyon College worked with Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. Please visit the ACORN webpage for more information regarding volunteering or donating.