A House from Start to "Finish"

A house in the Gentilly neighborhood. The "flood line" shows the depth of water that lasted approximately four weeks.


The marks in orange spray paint were made by the National Guard unit that first searched the flooded home. "PA-1" is the Pennsylvania 1st unit; 9-26 was the date searched; "0" below means zero dead; "0" at right means zero alive were rescued at that time.

Note the flood line, about two feet above the students' heads. The waters reached this point in about half an hour. The homeowner had to climb to the attic, then the rooftop, in order to get rescued.


First the major furniture items are brought out to the curb, separated from electrical appliances such as the air conditioner.


More furniture. The orange cone marks the water connection, to be avoided.


The washing machine, plus refrigerator and freezer, duct-taped shut.

Major appliances are hauled away for disposal.


The Kenyon students' work is done--but the homeowner's work is just begun. It remains to be seen how many of the thousands of flooded homes will receive permits to rebuild.