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Biology 243: Comparative Animal Physiology
Fall 2007

Response paper 2:

The research article by Rocheleau is accompanied by a short summary by Chanut. In the summary that accompanies the full research article in the reserve reading, eight sentences are highlighted (in blue and italics). Describe the evidence for the statement from the research article following the guidelines below.

There are at least four possibilities for each statement:

* The research article does not support the statement. In this case, propose where you would look for supporting evidence (i.e. research article, review article, textbook).
* The research article cites other work that supports the statement. In this case, indicate which citations contain support for the statement.
* Results from the research article directly support the statement. In this case, indicate how specific data (refer to appropriate figures) support the statement.
* The statement reflects an argument or speculation put forth in the research article. In this case, indicate why the statement is speculative rather than a definitive conclusion based on the articles results.

No more than 2 pages, double spaced, 12 pont font.

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