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Biology 243: Comparative Animal Physiology
Fall 2005


Small group rules:
  • Address group members by name.
  • Each group member must participate.
  • All group members should be prepared to talk to the class.
  • Comments to the class should reflect both personal and group views.
  • Each group member is responsible for encouraging the group to follow these rules.

Brainstorming rules:

  • The intent of brainstorming is to develop as many ideas as possible.
  • Getting the "correct" answer is not the point of a brainstorm.
  • There are no wrong ideas in a brainstorm.
  • We will not criticize any answer until the brainstorm is over.

During these interactive exercises, the process is much more important than the outcome. The intent of these activities is to model the kind of thinking that you should be learning to do on your own.

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