PCR Quiz




IMPORTANT PRE LAB INSTRUCTIONS: PCR can be inhibited by the caffeine in coffee or tea, as well as tars in cigarette smoke. Please refrain from consuming caffeinated bevrages or smoking at least several hours before coming to lab. This will increase the probablility your DNA can be amplified.

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Fill in the answers to the questions below and submit a copy of this form before attending lab.

1. Why is the polarity of the two strands of DNA important and how is this related to the manner in which replication occurs?

2. What are the complementary base pairs in the DNA molecule?

3. Make up a 4 nucleotide sequence and show what a 3 VNTR of your sequence would look like.

4. What role do each of the following play in PCR - dNTPs, taq polymerase, primers?

5. Which of the following statements about primers used in PCR is not true?

The figure on the left has the DNA fingerprints of four individuals.

6. Assuming that large fragments run more slowly in the gel below, which individual has the largest DNA fragment?

7. Which individuals are heterozygous for the DNA segment that was copied?