Superficial Muscles of the Back Chest and Arm

As you review the muscle functions think in terms of functional groups.





Pectoralis major Sternum Humerus (pectoral ridge) Adducts Humerus
Pectoralis minor Sternum Humerus (pectoral ridge) Adducts Humerus
Brachialis Humerus Ulna Flex forearm
Biceps brachii Scapula Radius Flex forearm
Triceps brachii Scapula, Humerus Ulna Extend forearm
Teres major Scapula Humerus Retract arm
Spinodeltoid Scapula Humerus Retract arm - abduct arm
Clavodeltoid Clavicle Humerus Protract arm - abduct arm
Levator scapulae ventralis Atlas, skull Spine of Scapula Move scapula anteriorly
Clavotrapezius Skull, Cervical Vertebrae Clavicle Move clavicle anteriorly
Acromiotrapezius Cervical, Thoracic Vertebrae Scapula Support/rotate scapula
Spinotrapezius Thoracic Vertebrae Spine of Scapula Support/rotate scapula
Latissimus dorsi Lumbar Fascia Thoracic Vertebrae Proximal end of Humerus Retract arm
Serratus ventralis Ribs,Cervical Vertebrae Scapula, medial surface Support trunk, depress scapula
Infraspinatus Scapula Humerus Retract Humerus
Supraspinatus Scapula Humerus Protract Humerus