Beta Galactosidase Tutorial

The original inspiration for this tutorial came from seeing the Online Molecular Muesum created by Dr. David Marcey and his students while he was teaching in the Biology Department at Kenyon College. The Kenyon Online Molecular Museum created by Dr. Marcey was featured in Science. It has been expaned by his students at California Luthern University and won numerous awards. Building on the ideas developed by Dr. Marcey, students at Kenyon have continued to develop tutorials in Dr. Joan Slonczewski's courses.

I invite you to view their work.

These tutorials work on versions of Netscape 4 or Internet Explorer 6

A MDL Chime plug-in is also required

This molecule of Beta Galactosidase was downloaded from the Protein Data Bank

If the buttons in this tutorial fail to work try clicking twice.

Be patient as it may take awhile for the molecules to load

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