Add Error Bars

Place cursor on any bar or line -- RC (this activates a menu box) Format Data Series - Y Error Bars - LC type of error bar (Plus or Both) LC Custom --- then --- enter the values for the + error separated by commas. If you want to show both ± error, copy the data in the + box and paste it into the - box. When finished -- OK

Resize Graph

LC on the chart area. A box will appear around the entire chart. Move cursor to the lower left corner of the box and position it so a double headed arrow appears. LCH and move the arrow to resize the chart. LCH in the middle of the chart and reposition it on the page. You now have room to add the figure caption below the graph.

Add a Figure Caption

LC on the drawing/text incon located on the toolbar to the right of the globe. The drawing toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen. LC on the text box icon (looks like a computer disc). Position the cursor to the bottom left of the chart. LCH and drag the to create a text box. Type your figure caption. LC when done. Later if you want to change what you have typed you can activate the box with a double LC. *NOTE* captions should begin with a figure designation and include a description of what the data are, the sample size, the type of error bar used, and the results of the statistical test.

To move a text box - LC to activate it, place the cursor on the edge of the gray box surrounding the text, when a double arrow appears LCH and drag the box.

To resize a text box - LC to activate it, place the cursor on one of the squares surrounding it, when a double headed arrow appears LCH and drag to resize.

To Preview a Graph

LC - File - Print Preview - If there are things you do not like about the way the graph appears some can be changed in this screen (eg. headers/footers can be modified under Setup), others will have to be modified in the previous window.