Early stage of a Eurosta solidaginis ball gall
on Solidago altissima


Required Reading - before data analysis

Weis, Arthur E., Warren G. Abrahamson. 1985. Potential Selective Pressures By Parasitoids on a Plant-Herbivore Interaction. Ecology, 66(4): 1261-1269

Required Reading - after data analysis

Sumerford, D.V., W.G. Abrahamson, and A.E. Weis. 2000. The Effects of Drought on the Solidago altissima-Eurosta solidaginis-natural enemy complex: population dynamics, local extirpations, and measures of selection intensity on gall size. Oecologia 122:(2) 240-248

Optional Reading

Weis, Arthur E., Warren G. Abrahamson and Mark C. Andersen. 1992. Variable Selection on Eurosta's Gall Size, I: The Extent and Nature of Variation in Phenotypic Selection. Evolution 46(6): 1674-1679

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