An Evolutionary Play

The players:

The interactions:

The plot thickens:

How can the interactions in this evolutionary play lead a change in mean gall size?

For natural selection to occur, there must be:

  • variation in a population
  • the variation must be heritable
  • selection events must preferentially eliminate individuals in the population based on a trait, or cause them not to leave offspring in the next generation. If all individuals are equally likely to be eliminated, selection events are not occuring.
  • the change in the trait in the next generation is the population's response to selection
Begin the play:

How does the intensity of selection affect the mean and variance (s2) of the galls in which flies survive? Remember that variance = the square of the standard deviation (s).

Test your understanding of the plot of the play:

Printable summary of the Interactions place cursor in left frame and print if desired.


The curtain closes ************Restart the play

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