This final section is an alphabetical (by author) list of the references cited in your paper.  Include only those specific references cited in the text.  Do not call this section a bibliography as you will be listing mostly scientific papers, not books, and you will be listing only those references cited in the body of your paper. You will find minor variations in the form used for listing references in the literature but the forms for different types of references given below are preferred for this course.

Journal article:

Name(s) of author(s). Date. Title of article. Title of journal (may be appropriately abbreviated) Vol. #: pages.

Slonczewski, J. L., D. J. McGee, J. Phillips, C. Kirkpatrick, and H. L. T. Mobley. 2000. pH-Dependent protein profiles of Helicobacter pylori analyzed by two-dimensional gels. Helicobacter 5:240-247.

A book in which each chapter is an article written by a different author(s):

Name(s) of author(s). date.  title of article.  In title of book, editor(s).  publisher, location of publisher, pages. You may underline titles rather than using italics if you prefer.

Heithaus, E. R. 1982. Coevolution of bats and plants. In: Ecology of Bats, ed. T. Kuntz. Plenum Press, NY, pp. 327-367

A book with one author (or group of authors):

Name(s) of author(s). date. title of book.  publisher, location of publisher, # of pages in the entire book.

Cronk, Julie K. and M. Siobhan Fennessy. 2001. Wetland Plants Biology and Ecology. Lewis Publishers, Boca Raton, 462p. W. A. Benjamin, Inc. New York, 350 pp.

Material from the world wide web:

Name(s) of author(s). date last updated if known. title of article. web address (date accessed)

Heithaus, P. A. 1999. Cat Anatomy Tutorial. (June 24, 2001)