"SPECIAL" A Review Just For YOU!




This exercise is based on the Beta-galactosidase and Lac Operon Labs that you just completed.

In a reaction between beta-galactosidase and ONPG the rate at which ONP appears is linear during the first ten minutes of the reaction and then levels off.

1. Which of the following describes what is happening during the first ten minutes?

2. Which of the following is true when you discover a significant interaction between two variables?

3. If the same amount Na2CO3 is added 1:1 to a pH 6 solution and a pH 7 solution the final pH of the two solutions will be

Figure . The effect of time on molecules per cell. Bars represent error. F= 14.49,df= 4,23 p=0.00

Carefully examine the figure on the left.

4. What is missing from the x axis?

5. What is missing from the y axis?

6. What do you need to know to determine if there is a significant difference in the number of molecules/cell at times 0 and 15 minutes?

7. What should be added to the figure caption to make it more complete so it can stand alone? (List at least 4 things)

8. "The number of molecules increased with time." Rewrite this topic sentence to include the following words: E. coli, IPTG, Beta galactosidase

9. What is missing from this sentence? "There were almost five times as many beta galactosidase molecules/cell after a 60 minute incubation."

10. Construct a sentence in which you repeat only one of the following data points but still point out the major trend in the data. Time 0 = 10 molecules/cell, Time 15 = 20 molecule/cell, Time 30 = 30 molecules/cell