Sampling Quiz




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Fill in the answers to the questions below and submit a copy of this form before attending lab.

1. Which of the following samples would provide the best estimate of the average height of 3 year old pines in Ohio.

2. Briefly defend your answer to question 1.

3. You have sampled trees from three different populations containing several thousand trees. You discover that all three samples have the same mean and standard deviation. The sample size for the three populations was not the same. For which population has the true mean been most accurately estimated?

4. Breifly defend your answer to question 3.

5. Why are error bars added to figures?

Use the graphs below to answer questions 6-9.

Figure 1. Distribution of apple weight at three different sites. Error bar = 95%CI, n=25 at each site.

6. Which site has the highest variability in apple size?

7. Which curve in the second graph corresponds with the data represented by site A in the first graph?

8. In the frequency distribution of size shown above, which site has the smallest standard deviation?

9. At which site would you find the biggest apple?

10. Instead of making a graph you decide to present information on Site B in text form. What three bits of information should you provide?

11. Write one or two sentences that summarize your fiddler crab morphology data, incorporating both the quantitative data and any qualitative observations that you made. Use "+/-" for the plus/minus symbol.