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Experimental Genetic Analysis
Biology 256

Dr. Karen Hicks
Higley 102
PBX 5379

Course Description

This laboratory course will introduce both genetic concepts and genetic approaches commonly used to understand biological processes. We will cover fundamental techniques in "forward" genetics including mutant screens, double mutant analysis, linkage mapping, and map-based cloning of genetic loci. We will also cover "reverse" genetic techniques including the identification and isolation of knock-out alleles in specific genes. We will use the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana as our experimental organism, although the approaches taken in this course can be applied to any organism amenable to genetic analysis. As your major course assignment, you will propose a genetic approach to understand a biological process (of your choice) in an organism OTHER than Arabidopsis.

Prerequisite: BIOL114 and either BIOL 109-110 or BIOL 109-111.


Fall 2001

Fall 2003

Fall 2005