Short Response Paper



Cuthill et al. 2005. Disruptive coloration and background pattern matching. Nature. 434: 72-74 (can also be found in P:Class/Biology/Biol262/PDFs)

Cuthill et al. 2006. The effects of pattern symmetry on detection of disruptive and background-matching coloration. Behavioral Ecology.



  1. Go to the internet and find photos of an animal that you think has the best color pattern for camouflage according to the findings of Cuthill et al.
  2. Write no more than one page in which you explain why this particular animal's camouflage fulfills the predictions of Cuthill et al.
  3. Email me no later than Friday at 8AM with a link to a photo of the animal you have chosen.

Due date:

Written page: Friday, November 16, in class.

Email link: Friday at 8AM


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