BIOL 263
Current Syllabus

Kenyon College

Web Resources for BIOL 263

 Molecular Models
Genomics and Proteomics
Biomolecules at Kenyon

Protein Data Bank --Get PDB files here

"Molecules to Go," NIH

C4 Molecular Library, NSF

UC-Davis Molecules and Structures Site

JMOL Scripts Index: Useful guide for inserting scripts into your own project.

Nucleotides, DNA, RNA
Nucleotides (CMU)


DNA structures (UCD)

Amino Acids (OSU)

Amino Acids side by side (CMU)

Amino Acids (click each letter)

Protein structures

Protein Structures (Gorga)
Ras Oncogene (Gorga)

DNA/Protein Sequence
National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)
Genbank (text input)
BLAST (search sequence)
BCM Search Launcher  Reverse complement; restriction analysis; translation.

Java-based Molecular Biology Workbench (JaMBW 1.1)

Genetic Code  Three-letter and one-letter codes for amino acids.

Metazome: search gene families

ExPaSy Proteomics Tools   pI and molecular weight.

Swiss-Prot  For identifying known proteins. WIT Enzyme Pathways