Vocabulary notes
Renilla is a "sea pansy."

Renilla makes bioluminescence through a "green fluorescent protein" GFP

Cytomegalovirus infects 80% of Americans.
The virus has an active promoter useful for reporter genes.

Biotin/Avidin is a method to label and detect molecules in cell biology.


BODIPY is a fluorescence label.

relative sizes: nucleus vs. ribosome

chloramphenicol: prokaryotic translation inhibitor cycloheximide: eukaryotic translation inhibitor

ATA: aurintricarboxyic acid: dose-dependent translational inhibitor.

Dose-dependent effect:
50 micromolar, inhibits initiation; 100 micromolar or 1 mM, inhibits elongation.

Transcription inhibitors

Cordycepin triphosphate (3'dATP) alpha amanitin The Death Cap, Amanita phalloides
Photo: http://members.aol.com/basidium/deathcap.html