Thank you Siobhan, "Our Fearless Leader" and my personal mentor, for all the inspiration and knowledge provided to me. Thank you Patricia Heithaus for passing on some of your knowledge to me about the natural world and also for your wonderful photographs. They truly capture the essence of wetlands. Personal research on amphibian populations in natural and restored wetlands was supported and funded by the Kenyon College Summer Science Program. Pat Heithaus, Abby Rokosch, and Carrie Simon assisted with field research and data entry: thank you to for all those long days in the field. Personal research was managed by Dr. Siobhan Fennessy. The Kenyon College biology department and faculty has shown nothing but kindness and support towards me - thank you. Siobhan Fennessy provided comments on the manuscript.

Amanda and Abbi, Patricia Heithaus 2001 Amanda and Soft Turtle, Patricia Heithaus 2001

Self Photograph, Patricia Heithaus 2001 Does my hair look okay? (Siobhan Fennessy and Abby Rokosch), Patricia Heithaus 2001