HHMI Undergraduate Program Activities
Kenyon College 1997 Annual Program Report

Part A. 6.

Photo Gallery

These photographs show students using major equipment provided by HHMI,
obtained and implemented in courses this year.


Molecular biology majors Derrick Johnson ’97 and Stephanie Levi ‘96 are learning how to use the new CellScan system, with Associate Professor David Marcey (in back).

DAPI-stained Drosophila Kc cells in various stages of the cell cycle. Photo was obtained by first-year biology students in a laboratory exercise entitled: "The effects of oxidants on cell proliferation".


Chemistry students Devin K. Johnson ‘98 and Megan E. Dieterich ‘00 are using the Hewlett Packard 8453 Diode-Array UV/VIS Spectrophotometer to record UV spectra of sunscreen compounds, with Assistant Professor Scott Cummings.


Students Jill Pitarresi ‘98 and Kirsten Baumann ‘97 use a Biopac Physiograph to record and analyze an electromyograph (EMG) with Assistant Professor Niemiec (back) during Laboratory in Biopsychology course (PSYC 61).

Student Zachary Florin ‘99 studies the effects of a stimulant on the behavior of a rat using a computerized behavior analysis chamber.


Students Hisham Foad ‘98 and Claire Willoughby ‘98 use a scintillation detector purchased with HHMI funds to observe the gamma ray spectrum of Co60. The detector and card interfaces with a computer purchased on an NSF-ILI grant.