Middle School Outreach

Science Equipment.  This year the Mount Vernon Middle School adopted an entirely new science curriculum for grades 6-8.  Kenyon's HHMI grant provided approximately half the permanent science equipment to support this curriculum.  In consultation with the Project Director Joan Slonczewski and Outreach Coordinator Dudley Thomas, the Middle School teachers selected items such as: INDS 20 Science Lab Workshop.  Kenyon students earn credit for developing science exercises in collaboration with teachers at the Mount Vernon Middle School.  The course is sponsored by our HHMI grant.  Taught by Profs. Thomas and Slonczewski.
 Laine Scott, 8th grade, investigated the effect of temperature
on growth of a bacterial virus.
Corinne Drenning, 6th grade, studied the interference pattern
of laser light through evenly spaced slits

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