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Farm and Forest
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Organoponic farm

Lettuce rows at a famous "organoponic" farm outside Havana.
Organoponic farms were started during the Special Period, when the USSR subsidy stopped
and Cuba lost 85% of its food.


More of farm.



Composted manure, with earthworms


Farm director

Director of farm, translated by Tatiana, our tireless tourguide



Altar for santeria, worship of orishas



Las Terrazas are hills that had been stripped of forest by the Spanish for coffee plantations.
After the Revolution, the hills were reforested with the help of "international brigades."
A small community was established to practice sustainable living.
Las Terrazas is now a UNESCO reserve.


Ducks in lake at Las Terrazas


Anolis lizard

Anolis lizard

Terrazas homes

Homes built into hillside at Las Terrazas


Music offered at the guest house

Trip for background research, sponsored by
GLCA New Directions Grant to
Joan Slonczewski at Kenyon College