The New Habitat

    The bull and the cow now had an entire new environment to adjust to.  Granted, Illyria was ecologically almost identical to Earth, except without farmers and farmhands to milk them, feed them, and assist them in procreation.  The bull and cows now had to fend for themselves.
On the planet Illyria, the landscape consisted mostly of flat forests; in addition, though, Illyria had a few small hills, a river, a pond, and a single ocean.

The Pond

The Ocean

The Forest


The ocean housed 3 species of fish and one species of algae.  The algae survived by photosynthesis and primarily provided food for the smaller two species of fish, the Meis and the Ais.  The lager fish, the Kuailes, lived on the smaller fish and the algae.  The pond likewise housed freshwater species of algae and fish, as well as frogs and other amphibians.
From producer to each consumer: The algae; the Meis; the Ais; and the Kuailes.


    In the forest lived one species of herbivorous birds, one species of carnivorous bird, and one insectivorous; there also lived two species of monkey, one carnivorous and one herbivorous.  The herbivorous bird lived on leaves high in the trees as to avoid the carnivorous monkey.  The carnivorous moneys and birds lived on small rodents, occasionally wandering to the nearby shore for a fish, as well as shrubs and tree bark when meat wasn’t readily available.  The insectivorous bird lived on aphids in trees and picked ticks out of the monkeys’ fur.

The Insectivourous Bird

The Herbivorous Bird

The Herbivorous Monkey


    Also living in the forest was a species of tree dwelling nymph.  The nymphs were excellent hunters and fishers.  They would hunt the larger carnivorous birds for a short while in the Illyrian springtime; they would hunt rodents during the summer; and they would fish during the intermediate season, always conscious of the ecological balance of the planet.

The Nymph.


    The ecosystem of Illyria was almost a mirror image Earth in its simple trophic levels.  That is, until the bull and the cows showed up.