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Where to learn a little more about real dairy farms and holstein cows:

Cool Sci-fi Type Stuff and Cows in the news

The artwork was either drawn or photographed by Rosemary Karr.

The farm, Chaseholm Farm, is in Upstate New York and is owned by Barry Chase.  Special thanks to the Chase family and their cows for providing picture subjects and information about cows.

The cows are all very friendly.  And their milk is very good with apple pie.

The farmer pictured is Farley Chase, son of Barry Chase.  Farley lives in Brooklyn and works for a publishing company.  The dog, Puck, belongs to his girlfriend, Kristen.

The scientist pictured is Mona Lyons, an attorney from Washington, D.C.


No animals, plants, lawyers, publicists, relatives, or farmers were harmed in the making of this page.

And a thanks to Romina Samplina, who helped me with the scanning of my pictures.