Balotan Omnivores

Sneakler (11)

The Sneakler is a small mammal feeding mostly on Thrumblers and insects such as the Carapler. During the dry season, the Sneakler also uses its sharp front teeth to pierce the surface of the Pillariler to steal its stored water. While Sneaklers occasionally choke on the Pillariler's thorns, they still resort to Pillarilers when other water sources run out. Most specimens are about 30 centimeters long, not counting the prehensile tail.

The Sneakler

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The Sneakler's foot is similar in form to the foot of the Cheatler and all other Balotan animals. The legs have solid bone structure, ending in a single flattened bone in the core of the foot (12). The rest of the foot is made of strong, tough muscles, good for gripping surfaces and perhaps objects.

Typical Balotan animal foot (12)

I believe the Sneakler may have developed some primitive tool use, but the animal is quite secretive, and I have yet to observe this predicted behavior. If it does exist, it would signal the start of a new age of evolution on Zlerin.


The Tootler is a medium-sized bird (about 10 centimeters, not counting tail) with a symbiotic relationship with the Rumdler. A Tootler will pair up with a Rumdler, often perching on the Rumdler's back for hours at a time as the Rumdler lounges or socializes. When a Rumdler wants to hunt undisturbed, it snaps at the Tootler, warning it away, but Rumdlers never eat Tootlers. The Tootler picks off and eats insect and parasites from the Rumdler, cleaning the larger animal while feeding itself. It also sweeps its long tail across the Rumdler's back as it moves around, brushing off excess dirt, flies, or rainwater. After a Rumdler has eaten its fill of a carcass, the Rumdler's Tootler will pick off scraps of meat from the prey. The Tootler also supplements its diet with Thrumblers.

The Tootler


The Nyootler is a small reptile (8-10 centimeters long) that eats just about anything. It eats Thrumblers, and it also scavenges. After a Rumdler has made a kill and eaten all the choice bits (and the Tootler, if present, finishes its meal), Nyootlers often swarm the carcass and finish off all edible parts. If hunting is particularly bad that season, Rumdlers may return to the carcass and then eat any Nyootlers they can catch.

The Nyootler

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