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Heart is the only planet in the Sirius System that is capable of supporting sentient life.  The planet is a fusion of two different partially formed planets that collided some billion years ago.  This fusion has given the planet a unique heart shape and an irregular orbit around the two suns.  It is a relatively small planet, approximately the size of Earth’s moon. Discovered in 7912, it was decided that the planet would not be colonized in respect to the natives of Heart, the Reds.  The Reds have been amicable to relations with Earth and have allowed scientific outposts to be placed.  The ecology of Heart has always been of great interest to Earthlings, as planet sports fewer species than any other planet that has been discovered thus far.  Despite the seeming lack in diversity on Heart it has flourished for millions of years in virtual peace.  In addition, there are two distinct sentient species on Heart: The Reds and the Pinks.  The Pinks are a distinctively different species than the Reds.  However, both are considered sentient species by the Interplanetary Standards of Sentience.

A Heartian Landscape

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