Energy Source

The energy source of Zorkadum allows the natural substances for the herbivores’ consumption to grow. Along with providing food for many creatures, the energy gives all Termit species the ability to breathe. The element crucial for Zorkadum species is implanted in the Acid. The Acid’s vital energy source is extracted using the Munum’s bacteria-like substance growing on them. The bacteria growing on the Munum’s exterior are consumed by the Grappers. The Grappers then consume the majority of the bacteria except the element Glycus. The Grappers expel the Glycus through their bodies as a gas and it permeates throughout the air. The reaction between the Glycus gas and the atmosphere’s air only allows substance to grow on Termit and not the Acid’s surface. The Glycus element is already apart of the Acid and thus has no reaction when released into the atmosphere. But when the reaction infuses with the Termit’s surface, the Glycus reacts with the element Quecops. Quecops is the primary element of the Termit surface.

The major difference between Zorkadum’s energy source and the Earth’s is that the energy expelled by the Grappers is inhaled by all creatures and natural resources and gives them all their necessary energy to live. Glycus provides the creatures with sufficient  air to breathe and the natural resources’ nutrients to grow. The creatures and natural resources do not exchange elements like the Earth’s C02 and H20 between animals and plants. Therefore the Munum are crucial for the whole Zorkadum’s life cycle. In fact, the fate of Zorkadum’s existence rests on the Munum’s lives.