Herbivores are the tallest of the three types of creatures. They progressively grew taller over the years through natural selection. The majority of Medd is ten feet above gorund and it makes it a lot easier for the Herbivores when they are tall as well. Their height is a crucial attribute for them to have a sufficient diet. Herbivores' varying heights work out well for maximum consumption of the Medd.


These goofy looking creatures have an extremely long tongue that is never fully in their mouth. They consume their food at a very slow pace and always seem to have some kind of Medd stuck on their tongue. The Plenteurps are an average size herbivore at twenty feet tall and twelve feet long. They consume the majority of the lower Medd while the towering Uggs consume the high Medd. Plenteurps love to make extremely loud smacking noises with their tongues especially when they are hungry.


Munum’s Dytex is the only source of consumption that the Grappers rely on. They are strictly acid bound creatures because they cannot live on the Termit’s surface. However they can only live above the Acid’s surface because of their composition. Grappers have an extremely sensitive exterior. The air doesn’t affect these little leach-like creatures however, their slimy outer coating burns, as they get deeper into the Acid. Grappers love suctioning onto Munum but will quickly release if they are getting too deep.


These are the largest of any of the Termit creatures. Uggs are also the heaviest of the creatures and have an impressive diet. The adult Uggs consume at least ninety pounds of Medd daily. Uggs stand at an imposing 65 feet and they are 90 feet long. The extreme length of the Uggs makes them the toughest opponent for any of the carnivores. Uggs are not Carnivores but will defend themselves if need be.