These scavengers feed on anything they can get their hands onto. They live both on the acid and the termit. They will eat anything from a Googlie butt to a Greesers finger! They are the smallest of any species on Zorkadum. YipYaps are only one foot long and an average of 12 pounds. The smallest of meals will fill these creatures, but their appetite quickly revamps with their constant movement and scavenging. YipYaps are the most populated species in Zorkadum. But they are also the easiest prey for the carnivores. The YipYaps’ instincts are not the fastest to react to signs of a predator coming. Their overwhelming desire to finish their meal is the downfall to this small creature. Predators always have a good idea of where these creatures are as well. All they have to do is search for the nearest dead creature and their will surely be multiple YipYaps all over it.


Googlies are under‐acid small creatures with huge eyes. In comparison to their small bodies, their eyes are enormous. Googlie’s bodies are about a two to five foot long, you can barely see their body past their one by one foot eyes. This is the second smallest of species on Zorkadum, and also the second most populated species. Googlies are the primary source of consumption for the Munum. The Googlie’s only source of consumption is the Munum, Yip Yaps and Grappers waste that floats at the top of the Acid. How can you not feel bad for these big eyed "feeder fish" that eat other creatures waste?