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In reality, digestion begins at the food first enters the whirlpool, as the powerful forces in this vortex nicely tear apart and distribute large debris. By the time it reaches the seaswallower, the food can be easily reached with intestinal extensions, which are directly connected to the beasts gastrointestinal tract. This long, tubular digestive system is located inside the internal body cavity, which essentially circumvents the animal, and is made up of all the nervous system network and the rest of the vital bodily fluids and organs that have not been completely mapped yet. These mysterious vital fluids are apparently pumped throughout the body by the same muscles that achieve locomotion. The water projection muscles are extremely large, densely fibrous muscles that are surrounded by tiny valves that regulate both fluid flow and the amount of seawater allowed into the water projection cavity. The most fascinating feature of the seaswallower, however, is without a doubt the mechanism by which it generates a whirlpool. The spinner, which is located approximately in the center of the body, works in close association with the spinal column, brain, and sonar transmitter to generate the deadly vortex.

I have to admit that it is this feature of the seaswallower that drove me to my wits end to catch one. I just couldn't fathom any way in which a living creature could accomplish this amazing physcial feat. It took some good scientists and a lot of patience before we finally unlocked the  secret of the seaswallower.

Secret of the seaswallower