Helpful Links

The Center for Disease Control- informative information about the prevention and treatment of HBV

DNA vaccine.com- up to date information about DNA vaccines and their application in modern medicine. A lot of information for both physicians and clinicians.

Hepatitis B Virus Research Programme- a site created by the University of The Withwatersrand that includes detailed information about the virology and pathology of HBV. It also includes many helpful tutorials with diagrams about the virus.

The Hepatitis B Virus Page- a great overall site about HBV that contains numerous interactive links and tutorials

Vaccination Web Page- this site contains general information about the different vaccination options currently available. Includes scientific studies and important figures.

WebMd- a popular site maintained by the WebMd corporation that provides health information and answer to its viewers

World Health Organization- this sight has great information on vaccines, there is even a section that  focuses on HBV vaccines