Home; A Door into Ocean

Starworm harnessed to the raft.  The starworm is a "cephaglobinid," a family of species unique to Shora.  The cephaglobinids evolved from cephalopods (octopi, squid) but they developed an iron-carrying blood protein, "cephaglobin," which provides highly efficient oxygen transfer, like hemoglobin in vertebrates.  Starworms propel themselves by pumping water through their tube-like bodies.  Sharers harness several starworms beneath their raft, to propel the raft into favorable currents of ocean.

Related cephaglobinid monsters include the giant seaswallower and the shockwraith.  The shockwraith hides beneath the raft, where arms can induce a high-energy electric shock.  The arms are detachable; when stressed or threatened, the shockwraith can release its arm which thrashes toward the intruder and shocks it.  But the shockwraith arm can be a valuable source of energy for lifeshaping.