Surgery and Recovery

all Before surgery (Preoperative Care)

Before any surgery, the patient must sign an authorization allowing the surgeon to operate. The surgeon has to explain to the patient the different procedures of the surgery and its consequences. He/she is also responsible for answering any questions the patient might have. On the day of the surgery, the patient wears a sterilized gown and needs to be shaved if necessary.

all During a Surgery

In the operating room, a surgery beginss with an application of anesthesia. The anesthesiologist is the doctor in charge of injecting the anesthesia and controlling the impact. The surgeon is the doctor in charge of making all the important decisions during the surgery. Beside the surgeon is the auxiliary surgeon, who assists him, and the resident in surgery who participates to obtain experience. The surgical nurse assists the surgeons with the equipment. This nurse is also responsible for the maintenance of the equipment. Other nurses also assist during the surgery.

all After Surgery (Post-Operative Care)

Depending on the kind of surgery, the nurses and doctors stay with the patient from half an hour to two hours in the recovery room. < If the patient recovers without any problems, he/she is relocated to another room. Yet, if the surgery was dangerous and the recovery difficult, the patient is moved to the intensive care unit.