allThe Emergency Room

The emergency room is a room with specialized equipment and doctors that treat with priority the most complicated diseases and accidents such as traumas, heart problems and skin burns. After the patient has overcome the crisis, he/she is treated in a different section of the hospital by another staff.

allIntensive Care Unit

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) provides equipment and specialized service for those patients whose health is unstable. After surgery, many patients need a breathing tube or an electric monitoring of the heartbeat or arterial tension. Nurses and doctors take close care of the person's health. The ICU unit also has an alarm system that alerts the staff in case of an emergency.

allRescue Services

Hospitals and clinics count on a rescue service that assists the patient in the location of the accident or emergency. This service, which consists of ambulances, drivers and lemergency medical technicians (EMT), is indispensable because the treatment within the first minutes after an accident can save a person's life. Many life-savers are trained by the Red Cross.