Bones, Articulations and Muscles


The bones of the human body can suffer from:


Osteoporosis is the weakening of the bones, caused by progressive loss of calcium. It is especially common in aging women. Its progression may be slowed by exercise and by high calcium in the diet.

allOsteitis or Paget's disease

The cause of the osteitis is unknown. Normally, people above 30 years suffer from this disease. Paget's disease attack the bones of the brain, the vertebral column, pelvis and lower extremities. Although its cure is unknown, doctors recommend to exercise daily to lower the rate of progression of the disease.


Osteomyelitis is an infection by staphylococcal bacteria. The bone suffers necrosis (death of the bone) which poisons the blood. Due to the difficulty of eliminating the "secuestros oseos," rapid treatment with antibiotics is necessary. There is danger of osteomyelitis when the patient has an open fracture or a wound.

allDislocation of the Shoulder

It is the dislocation of the shoulder due to an accident. In some cases, the dislocation happens after the accident when the person exercises the shoulder.

allHereditary Dislocation of the Hip

It happens when one or both bones of the hips dislocate. In the majority of cases, women suffer more from hip dislocations than men. If the dislocation is not treated promptly, the person can limp for the rest of his/her life.

allDislocation of the Vertebral Column

The most common dislocation is lateral scoliosis. Several diseases such as poliomyelitis and rickets cause vertebral dislocation. To correct the dislocation of the vertebral column, the patient must undergo kinesitherapy treatment.



Bursitis is commonly called "housemaid's knee." Bursitis is the inflammation of the "bolsa cerosa," the "bags" that separate the skin from the bones and the bones from the tendons. Normally, bursitis attacks the articulations of the hip, the shoulder and the knee. To relieve the pain it is necessary to apply a sedative.


Arthrosia is a degenerative disease of a joint. It usually happens to people older than 50 years. However, a person can prevent arthrosis if he/she exercises frecuently. Thanks to technology, now a days doctors can replace knees, hands, fingers and hips' joints.


Arthritis is the inflammation of a joint.



Torticolis is the twisting of head and neck. It happens frecuently while sleeping or doing an unusual physical effort. Hot compresses and hot showers soothe the pain.

allA Sprained Ankle

A sprain occurs when the ligaments of the ankle tear. In this cases, it is useful to put a cast around the swelled ankle while the ligaments heal to prevent other sprains.


Lumbago is the result of lifting a heavy object. To soothe the pain in the vertebral column, doctors suggest to rest and relax the muscles with exercises.

allAn Injury in the Knee's Meniscus

Due to the fragile articulations of the knee, it commonly suffers from tears. The tears in the knee happen in the meniscus or cartilage located between the thigh and the tibia. To restore the joint, the patient needs arthroscopic surgery.