Nose and Throat

The nose filters the impurities of the air before these are absorbed by the lungs. It also equilibrates the air temperature with the temperature of the body. The tonsil and adenoid glands, located in the throat, protect the body from diseases.

allHay Fever, or Rhinitis

Hay fever is a kind of allergycaused by pollen and grains such as oat and fungal spores. Rhinitis is caused by dust, animal hair, air pollution, and certain food.

allCatarrh (Cold)

Cold is commonly caused by arhinovirus. Although a cold is not dangerous, it could develop into pneumonia, meningitis or a bronchitis. In other cases, a cold could indicate the beginning of other diseases such as varicella or measles.


Sinusitis occurs when the brain sinuses empty their secretions in the nose through narrow tubes that are not effective; therefore they inflame. In some cases, intervention by an otorhinolaryngologist is necessary in order to disinfect the sinus.

Some throat diseases are:


Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx. The patient suffers from a loss of voice; therefore it is advisable not to talk or smoke.


Infection of the tonsils. Fever, soar throat, headaches, and cold pains are the most common symptoms. Tonsillitis can develop into more dangerous diseases such as septicemia, diphtheria, or mastoiditis. Antibiotics are necessary.

Pharyngitis (Sore Throat)

Throat inflammation due to catarrh, sinusitis, or tonsillitis. Viral pharyngitis is not serious. However, the pharyngitis caused by Streptoccocus is dangerous. Antibiotics are necessary.