The Ear


The ear functions by receiving sound waves that make the eardrum vibrate. The eardrum communicates with the three bones of the middle ear, which amplify the vibrations. The amplified vibrations are transmitted to the internal ear where they become electric impulses. Finally, the auditive transmits the impulses to the brain, and the brain makes the sound message intelligible. The two existent deafness are:

allTransmissive Deafness

Transmissive deafness occurs when earwax or other type of liquid blocks the ear. This kind of deafness could be the cause of other diseases such as otitis, mastoiditis and obstruction of the ear conduct "forunculos" . People who suffer from transmissive deafness talk quietly because internally, they hear themselves very loud. A diapason detects this type of deafness. A surgery can cure most deafness.

allPerceptive Deafness

Failure of the auditive nerve. In general, the person who suffers from perceptive deafness talks loudly because they cannot hear themselves. The utilization of auditive devices control this deafness.