TIPS on how to make a scientific poster

for Summer Science Scholars and other students

Natural Sciences Divison

Kenyon College

(updated 1 Sep 2016) 




Emphasize graphs, diagrams, and pictures
Minimize the amount of text
Use large font size
Make it easy to follow (where do I start?)
Keep it simple

Download Poster Template with Proper Dimensions (pptx) 


LINKS:Here are links to three great sites that expand on the key points above

"Tips for a Readable Poster" by Ned Carter and Kenneth Nilsson, University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden
    Emphasizes using LARGER TEXT and more illustrations to make your poster "reader friendly".

"Advice on designing scientific posters"
by Colin Purrington, Department of Biology, Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania
Comprehensive and entertaining

"Creating Effective Poster Presentations"
by George Hess :: Kathryn Tosney :: Leon Liegel, NC State University
Contains sample posters with suggestions for improvement