BIOL 191 Global Health: First-year Seminar

Prof. Joan Slonczewski -- TR 8:10-9:30am

Health is a primary concern for all people living on our planet.  In the age of AIDS, tuberculosis, and pandemic influenza, health anywhere impacts health everywhere.  How do individuals, families, and societies attempt to maintain health?  What does it mean to be sick or well, from a public health perspective?  This interdisciplinary seminar gives first-year students the opportunity to address a compelling human question from the perspectives of medical science, ethics and public policy.

BIOL 191 Syllabus
Update August 31, 2009
Wiki Index



Reading & Assignments
Written work emailed by Midnight BEFORE class.

Sep 1

Sep 3

Introduction to Global Health. PPT1A

Health Indicators.  PPT1B


Skolnik 1 & 2; Bring news item

Sep 8

Sep 10

Health and Economics. Ivermectin. PPT2A Copenhagen. USA GDP. NCHC.
Ethics and human rights. PPT2B

Skolnik 3; Levine 7

Skolnik 4; Bring news item;
Essay 1 Topic

Sep 15

Sep 17

Culture and Health. PPT3A
Alzheimer's rising
Health systems.  PPT3B.

Skolnik 6.  Essay 1 due

Skolnik 5; Levine 8

Sep 22

Sep 24

History of Microbiology. USA Water PPT4A Enteric disease.
Communicable Diseases. PPT4B

Online S&F 1

Skolnik 11; Levine 3 Practice Qs

Sep 29

Oct 1


Child Health. HIV vaccine study. PPT5B


Skolnik 10; [Chocolate]

Oct 6

Oct 8

Viruses. PPT6A

Polio: Global eradication (Video)

Online S&F 6

Levine 5; Select study for Essay 2

Oct 13

Oct 15

Fall Break             

Influenza: Primary Literature. PPT7B


Guinea pig paper

Oct 20

Oct 22

Influenza 1918: Epidemic (Video)
Flu epidemic--graphs
Influenza management today

Essay 2 due


Oct 27

Oct 29


HIV/AIDS. New program.

Handout Ch. 1

Handout Ch. 1; Levine 2

Nov 2

Nov 5

10:10 or 3:10. Continue HIV/AIDS. PPT9A


Continue HIV/AIDS

Practice Qs

Nov 10

Nov 12

Women’s Health. PPT10A

Environment. Trash. Env'tal Justice. PPT10B

Skolnik 9. Bring news report:
Women's health (outside USA)
Skolnik 7. Giardia

Nov 17

Nov 19

The One Health Initiative. PPT11A

Preparing a Wiki paper. Template. Example.

Wiki Proposal due


Thanksgiving Break

Dec 1

Dec 3

Diagnosis and Epidemiology: In the Lab
Vitamin D
Kenyon's health plan. Brian Gatch, consultant

Online S&F 28

Insurer Newsletter

Dec 8

Dec 10

Knox County Health. Dennis Murray, Health Commissioner
Health at Kenyon. Kim Cullers, Director

Wiki due


Dec 15


Practice Questions

Required Reading

Richard Skolnik, Essentials of Global Health. Jones & Bartlett, 2008.
Ruth Levine, Case Studies in Global Health: Millions Saved. Jones & Bartlett, 2007.
Joan Slonczewski & John Foster, Microbiology, on-line chapters 1, 6, 28. Order here for only $2 per chapter (total $6).
Additional readings posted or provided in class.

Course Requirements

  • Two written essays (delivered electronically), approximately 1000-1400 words each. Email attachment by midnight BEFORE class.
  • Three tests in class.
  • MicrobeWiki page, on a subject involving a microbial aspect of global health; approximately 2000 words and 2 or more figures. Due midnight BEFORE class.
  • Attendance and participation.

Final grade is based on average of the above seven items (two essays, three tests, Wiki page, class participation).

Academic Honesty. All rules and standards stated in the Student Handbook apply.

Learning Disabilities. Consult the Coordinator of Disability Services for appropriate accommodations.

Careers in Public Health