Radius and Ulna

(Lateral view)

Left Right

In this view, the distal portions of the radius and ulna are toward the top of the screen.

The lower part of the forelimb is composed of two bones: the radius and the ulna. When articulated as shown on the right, the radius passes over the anterior surface of the ulna.

The trochlear notch is the point where the humerus articulates with the ulna and the radial notch is the point where the ulna articulates with the head of the radius. The articulation of the radius and ulna provide for rotation of the paw.

Left Wrist

(Anterior view)

The styloid process of the radius forms the medial margin of the wrist while the styloid process of the ulna forms the lateral margin of the wrist.

If the bones are not properly articulated there is no room for the wrist bones.

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