Muscles Supporting the Scapula

(Lateral view)

The scapula is held in place by the musculature. Its orientation depends on the interplay of a variety of muscles.

The levator scapulae ventralis originates on the atlas and basioccipital bone of the skull. It draws the scapula toward the head and dorsally.

The broad
acromiotrapezius originates from the spinous processes of the vertebrae in the cervical and thoracic regions. It abducts the scapula, moving it anteriorly and toward the middorsal line.

The origin of the
spinotrapezius is from the spines of the 4th to 12th thoracic vertebrae. It pulls the scapula dorsally and posteriorly. It can also hold the scapula in place while the other muscles rotate it anteriorly.

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