BIOL 103 Biology in Science Fiction


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by Erin Walker and Diana Carroll

A Biosphere is defined as a complete ecological system, including all organisms and the environment in which they live. Biospheres must be carefully balanced and self-sustaining; otherwise, the life forms they support cannot survive. The only biosphere that exists, to human knowledge, is Earth itself.

All organisms on Earth have survival as their primary goal, but that survival is now being threatened through human stupidity. As rational and self-aware beings, we have the unique ability to understand the potentially fatal consequences of our actions. If we continue to undermine the delicate balance of Earth's biosphere, we will destroy our home and ourselves along with it. Our fear of this seemingly inevitable future leads us to search for new worlds to inhabit. Biosphere II was one attempt to see if humans could recreate the balanced ecosystem we require to survive.

Earth: Biosphere I
Why Biosphere II?
Biosphere II Plans
The Grand Experiment
What Went Wrong?
Lessons for the Future

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