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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Resource Sites

Pedro's Biomolecular Resource Tools. Contains links to tutorials, software, manuals, guides, courses, and other helpful sites  NetBiochem at the University of Utah
A Recombinant DNA Course Molecular Biology Resources . Contains useful (!) links to databases, software, journals, ect. 
The WWW Virtual Library: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine-Dept. of Chemistry . Contains many useful (!) links to databases, software, journals, hyperactive molecules, ect.
Biocatalysis and Biodegradation Information (U. Minnesota) Weizmann Institute - Bioinformatics
Chemist's Art Gallery MendelWeb; Genetics and Molecular Biology
Institute for Molecular Biology - Jena DIY Glycolysis
Virtual Fly Lab DNA Repair
Molecular Virology Molecular Visualization Resources
Virology Server (UW, Madison) Virtual Library - Biomolecules
Dana-Farber Institute

Molecular Modeling

Molecular Modelling at Kenyon On Ramp for NIH Molecular Modelling
Molecules R US . Allows easy access to the Brookhaven Protein Database. You may download molecules for immediate viewing of static images, or download molecules as *.ent files to be viewed with client-side viewers, e.g. RasWin or HyperChem  Image Library of Biological Macromolecules
NIH Guide to Molecular Modeling Amino Acid Structures
Nucleotide Information, including base pairs, torsion angles, ect. The Moviemol Molecular Animation Program
Amino acid structures - Chime animated protein motions database
The Brookhaven PDB Gopher Hole PDB at a glance A functional classification of some PDB entries
SCOP (structural classification of proteins)A great site with proteins classified into structural families, with links to PDB entries, ect.


Molecular Biology Databases (NIH) NCBI Genbank BLAST Homepage
FlyBase: a genetic and molecular database The National Center for Biotechnology Information
The G-protein-coupled receptor database (Harvard) Molecules R Us
Transcription Factor Database Vector Sequence Database
Nucleic Acid Database ExPASy Mol Bio Server
Search Proteins


Protein Science Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan
Journal of Biological Chemistry Journal of Molecular Modeling
Journal of Immunology RNA
A Great List of Journals!

Some Graduate Programs in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

A Great List of Chemistry and Biochemistry Departments Penn. State
Yale Auburn
Computational Molecular Biology at Rutgers Simon Fraser
UC Davis University of Maryland, Baltimore Campus
UC Santa Barbara Wisconsin
Molecular Biology at Cornell Notre Dame - Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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