Lesson 3: Homework
Lesson 3:

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The homework questions below refer to the methods section of the following research paper.

Donald E. Watenpaugh, Richard E. Ballard, Suzanne M. Schneider, Stuart M. C. Lee, Andrew C. Ertl, Jacqueline M. William, Wanda L. Boda, Karen J. Hutchinson, and Alan R. Hargens. Supine lower body negative pressure exercise during bed rest maintains upright exercise capacity. J Appl Physiol 89: 218-227, 2000.


Please answer the questions in the space provided, then print out this page and hand it in to your instructor.

  1. What kind of design does this study use?


  2. What is the control treatment in this study?


  3. What is the experimental treatment in this study?

  4. How many subjects completed the study?