Introduction to Experimental Biology

The labs listed below are available in PDF format.
For each lab the authors listed maintain copyright (8/1/03). Labs may be copied only for academic purposes
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Discovering Patterns: Variation in Biological Systems - P. A. Heithaus

Explaining Patterns: Analysis of Simple Experiments - P. A. Heithaus & K. L. Van Alstyne Tutorial

Discovering and Explaining Patterns in the Growth of Pinus strobus: Data Analysis Using Minitab - P. A. Heithaus Tutorial

Detecting Selection in a Natural Population & Goldenrod Gall Analysis - E. R. Heithaus & P. A. Heithaus Tutorial

Enzyme Kinetics: Properties of Beta-galactosidase - H. Itagaki & P.A. Heithaus Tutorial

Induction of Enzyme Activity in Bacteria: The Lac Operon - P.A. Heithaus & D.E. Jegla Tutorial

Phagocytosis in Tetrahymena as an Experimental System To Study the Toxic Effects of Cigarette Smoke
Week 1 - P. A. Heithaus Tutorial
Week 2 - P. A. Heithaus Smoke Extraction

Bacterial Transformation with Recombinant DNA - Ted Lee & P.A. Heithaus Tutorial

Restriction Analysis of Plasmid DNA - Ted Lee & P.A. Heithaus

Gel Analysis - Ted Lee & P.A. Heithaus

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