Kathryn Edwards HIG 214 - x5654 Jen Smith HIG 201 - x5225
Chris Gillen HIG 310 - x5399 Wade Powell FSH 202 - x5396
    Pat Heithaus* HIG 012 - x5631  
* Course director



1/19-1/22 Rat anatomy - external features, muscle/skeletal system, begin digestive system
Web tutorial - review the skeletal system and muscle function
1/26-1/29 Rat anatomy - complete digestive system, urogential system, circulatory system, nervous system
Web tutorial - review internal organs

Preliminary Project Proposals Due
2/4 Rat Anatomy Exam - Sign up for times - Exams for ALL sections will be conducted from 8am-8pm Thursday, February 4th.
Exam Schedule
Project Conferences
2/9-2/12 Beta-Gal Lab 1 - Enzyme Kinetics: Properties of beta-galactosidase: The interaction of pH and temperature
Web Tutorial 1 Beta-galactosidase (must be submitted by noon on friday 2/5)
(Methods, results, discussion due 2/16-2/19)
Project Conferences
2/16-2/19 Beta-Gal Lab 2: Induction of Enzyme Activity in E. coli: The Lac Operon
Web Tutorial 2 Lac Operon
(Results, discussion due 2/23 - 2/26)
2/23-2/26 Beta-Gal Lab 3: SDS-PAGE and Western Blotting
Web Tutorial 3 SDS-PAGE and Western Blotting
3/2-3/5 Beta-Gal Lab 4: Developing Western Blots
Final Project Proposals Due (Complete Beta-Gal Paper due 3/23-3/26)

Spring Break
Classes will not meet 3/6-3/21

3/23-3/26 DNA Isolation/PCR
Web Tutorial 4 and Info on DNA Replication Sites
3/29-4/2 DNA fingerprinting using the D1S80 locus
(Short in-lab write-ups due at end of period)
4/6-4/30 Independent Projects; Submit Independent Project Progress Report Weekly
5/4-5/7 Independent Project Oral Reports - Final Papers due by 4pm on May 7 (no exceptions)

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